Friday 1 February 2013


With Valentine's day on the 14 February fast approaching, I have added a new design to my Mydoodle portfolio.

Red roses and daisies are two flowers associated with love. In the language of flowers a red rose signifies true love.

The common daisy is a flower that has been often used to determine whether the object of your affections loves you or not. Petals are pulled off the daisy whilst repeating the phrases 'loves me' and 'loves me not'.

This design is added to my two previous designs
The first features a pair of doves - Valentines day is claimed to be the day when the birds choose their mates. These two seem to have already paired up. You can add your own greeting inside the card but a suggestion is ... we belong together.
And then what about a card appropriate for the special gardener in your life. Again you can add your own greeting inside the card but a suggestion is ... I thought of you.

The actual images for use are of much higher quality than those used here.

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  1. Wonderful combination between Love and Nature. Your design so good. Thank you for sharing nice post.

  2. Lovely love design. Great thinking.

  3. RMT and MC
    Thank you - glad you like it


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