Friday 18 January 2013

Winter 2013

The fairytale conditions were just too good to miss and so I braved the freezing cold conditions to take a few photos to add to my MyDoodle portfolio.

Near where we live the frost had melted from the trees so we made our way to higher ground where the hoar frost hadn't melted.

All these photos were taken on the road between near the National Mining Museum in West Yorkshire.

The actual images for use are of much higher quality than those used here.

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  1. Sue, you took really beautiful photos! I read on the news that all England is snow-covered. It must be some snowy attack in Europe.
    The West Yorkshire is very beautiful, I've never been there; these winter rural landscapes remind me of Poland, they look almost the same at this time.. but in the summer English landscapes, which I saw on the photos, are the beautiful green hills and meadows; unlike in Poland where in the summer all fields are beautiful but yellow..sowed with grains :)

  2. We don't get lots of snow Dewberry but it does seem that this year we are all getting a share. We do have yellow fields as well but that is a many farmers grow oilseed rape which has acid yellow flowers.

  3. Very nice winter. You shot some wonderful pictures. You are a great photographer. Thank you.

  4. Thanks you OF. Snow is always very photogenic until it turns slushy that is.


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