Thursday 11 April 2013

Scottish Loch

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The latest photograph that I have decided to add to my MyDoodle portfolio was taken in the Scottish Highlands at the RSPB reserve at Loch Ruthven in March 2012.
If you would like to use this image to create a greetings card or wall art design click here

The actual images for use are of much higher quality than those used here.

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  1. What a beautifully tranquil spot - heaven.

    1. It was a lovely spot, Elaine. We're thinking of having this as a piece of wall art in our newly decorated hall. Maybe as an acrylic print. But first we're going for a flower one for the landing just to see how acrylic prints come out.

      Just made me think that last year - the last week in march we were in the Scottish Highlands in lovely sunshine and walking around without coats!


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