Thursday 1 December 2011

Help the Heroes

Each year Createtoday sponsor a charity and this year the chosen charity is Help the Heroes.

Createtoday asked for designs on a Christmas theme to be submitted to include in a charity collection. The profits from any product either card or wall art featured in this collection will be given to the Help the Heroes charity.

I was lucky enough to have the design that I submitted chosen for addition to the collection.

Click here to view the card on Createtoday

To view more click here

The actual images for use are of much higher quality than those used here.

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  1. A beautiful design - I can see why it was chosen! I design greetings cards too! You can see my makes at: Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

  2. A very striking design , Sue. Is the inclusion of the poppy a reminder of the significance of that plant in our war in Afhganistan, or simply the traditional one?

  3. I'll have a look at your cards Mel.
    It is a fun thing for winter.

    It was really just meant to refer to the traditional poppy being the symbol of remembrance Mark. My dad was in the British Legion and in many ways I always think of him when I see poppies.

  4. Thanks for coming for a peep Diana

  5. Thanks Jenni - I hope it does well for them!


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