Wednesday 9 November 2011

Christmas Pointsetta

Over the Christmas period you won't fail to see Pointsettas on sale in garden centres and supermarkets. Due to their Christmassy look they are very popular houseplants at this time of year.

The flowers are the tiny cluster in the centre of the bright red bracts. Pointsettas will suffer if transported on very cold days so make sure that the whole plant is hidden in a plastic bag during your journey home.

Although you can treat pointsettas as perennials, it is a difficult process to get them to produce the red bracts in subsequent years so most plants are treated as annuals.

Pointsettas are often featured on Christmas cards. If you wish to use the image below click on the Create button. You may also like to use the image as a piece of Christmas wall art.
To use as a wall art design click here

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